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Elasticated tubular support bandage, designed to provide support to a joint or limb. Multi-purpose, easy to apply and reapply without pins or tapes, Tubigrip applies a constant even pressure between 5-30mmHg. Recommended use as a double layer. Sold in a 10m roll. Measure circumference around the widest part of the area. Refer to sizing for limb medium pressure circumference.

Size Type Measurement
B Small hands and arms 12.5cm - 15cm
C Medium arms and small ankles 15cm - 24.5cm
D Large arms, medium ankles, small knees 24.5cm - 35.5cm
E Large ankles, medium knees, small thighs 35.5cm - 45cm
F Large knees, medium thighs 45cm - 50.5cm
G Large thighs 50.5cm - 60.7cm