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Dictus Flex

Features a Flex band for easy tension adjustment to provide a dynamic dorsiflexion moment. The Dictus Flex AFO is designed for flaccid footdrop with minimal ankle instability.

Dictus Band

Sturdy leather construction. Latex bands provide dynamic dorsiflexion moment & superior foot lift. The Dictus Band AFO is designed for flaccid footdrop with minimal ankle instability.

Amsterdam Boot

Functional post op shoe providing general pressure offloading. Accommodative and comfortable.

Bioskin Hallux Control Strap

Used post-bunionectomy to maintain the hallux in a neutral position during soft tissue healing.


The DARCO MedSurg Shoe is designed to provide the foot with solid protection and accommodate bulky bandages with ease.

Dictus Indoor Midfoot Cuff

Accessory used in conjunction with the Dictus band, for the assistance of shoeless dorsiflexion.

Dictus Latex Band

Replacement latex band for the Dictus Band Orthosis. Sold as a single band.

Leipzig Rehabilitation Shoe

Flexible sole with zipper at heel counter and adaptable insoles to ensure local pressure relief.

Navigait 4 Foot

Shoeless adapter for NAVIGAIT.

Navigait AFO

Low profile, adjustable AFO designed to assist users with mild foot drop

oapl Adl Shoe

Post operative shoe suitable for treatment of the high risk and diabetic foot

oapl Adl Shoe Cap

Designed to help protect the toes whilst wearing the oapl ADL shoe
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