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oapl Plantar Fasciitis Night Sock

Keeps tension on plantar fascia at night to reduce initial morning pain. Simple and easy to use.

oapl Plantar Fasciitis Support Sock

Multi-zone compression support for the relief of Plantar Fasciitis and general heel pain. Designed with built-in silicone heel for impact protection. Sold individually.

Smartknit AFO Socks - Adult

Form fitting interface sized for AFO use. Protects skin health and fits comfortably. Sold as a pair.

Smartknit AFO Socks - Child

Form fitting interface sized for AFO use. Protects skin health and fits comfortably.

Smartknit KAFO Socks

Form fitting interface sized for KAFO use. Protects skin health and fits comfortably.

Physipod Circulation Socks

Ideal for everday wear as well as for feet prone to swelling and circulatory issues.

Therafirm Corespun Support Sock

Help relieve minor ankle or leg swelling, minor varicosities and leg fatigue. Therafirm Corespun support socks provide 15-20mmhg compression.

Seamless Sensitivity Socks

Super soft, latex-free seamless socks ideal for children experiencing sensory processing differences

Seamless Diabetic Crew Socks

Promotes dry, healthy feet with a non-binding halo top. Ideal for diabetic and arthritic feet.


Experience unparalleled recovery with Therafirm TheraSport Compression Leg Sleeves – delivering controlled 15-20 mmHg compression for superior circulation, support, and stabilization. Crafted with super-soft material, a non-binding 1" comfort band, and high-tech moisture-wicking yarns, these calf sleeves provide exceptional comfort. The footless design allows you to wear them with socks of your choice, making them an ideal choice for preventing swelling, discomfort, and aiding recovery during athletic pursuits.


IMAK Arthritis Socks provide mild compression for warmth and may help increase circulation.


High-quality knee length socks, specifically designed to counteract swelling and discomfort during prolonged inactive periods of travel.
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