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Asguard Clear + Film Island Dressing

Combines an absorbent pad with a transparent adhesive PU film. For simple treatment of minor wounds.

Asguard Clear Film Dressing

A transparent adhesive film that adheres to the skin and forms a flexible and comfortable layer.

Asguard Flex Island Dressing

Ideal for simple and effective management of minor wounds

Basic Dressing Packs

Basic, disposable sterile dressing pack. Wound dressing can be left on for up to 7 days and assist in tissue healing.


Due to COVID-19 manufacturing and shipping delays, we are unable to provide an ETA on any items marked out of stock. 100% medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone gel sheet with Vitamin

Medstock Foam Non Adhesive

Available in 2 sizes, polyurethane foam pad containing carboxymethyl cellulose hydrophilic granules.

Elastoplast Fabric

Continuous dressing roll. Non-stick pad protects and cushions wound. Extra strong adhesive. Cut dressing to required size.