oapl Fulflex Tubular Bandage

A tubular bandage designed to provide compression and support to body segments.
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oapl Fulflex is designed to be used in the management of lymphoedema and varicose vein conditions. It is also used in the prevention and management of oedema following cast removal, sprains, strains and in support of weak muscles and joints or wherever mild support is required.

  • Latex free
  • Reusable elastic tubular bandage
  • Open knit structure allows air flow to the skin
Size Bandage Width Bandage Length
A 4.5cm 10m
B 6.25cm 10m
C 7cm 10m
D 7.5cm 10m
E 8.5cm 10m
F 10cm 10m
G 12.5cm 10m
H 17.5cm 10m
I 21.5cm 10m
J 30cm 10m
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