Dictus Flex

Features a Flex band for easy tension adjustment to provide a dynamic dorsiflexion moment. The Dictus Flex AFO is designed for flaccid footdrop with minimal ankle instability.
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The Dictus Flex is a simple solution that uses a band to lift the foot immediately after toe off for those experiencing foot drop. It offers a discreet and comfortable solution without limiting your choice of footwear with easy tension adjustments made with the Velcro pad on the Flex Band.

What is the Dictus Flex?

The Dictus Band has helped thousands of people experiencing foot drop to regain confidence in walking. The latex rubber band ties to the ankle band and shoe to lift the foot up as you walk. 

The New Dictus Flex features a 'Flex' rubber band that has two integrated Velcro pads secured onto the Velcro loop lined ankle band. 
The Flex Rubber band firmly supports the foot and can be easily tightened and adjusted as required. 

The Dictus Flex also works with the Steel Hook, Monohook and Barefoot cuff.  


  • Easy to adjust tension with the Velcro Pads integrated into the Flex Rubber Band
  • Gives the user confidence and freedom by reducing the risk of tripping and falling
  • Discreet without limiting choice of footwear
  • Available for adults and children
  • Suitable with Dictus indoor for barefoot option

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Ankle band
  • 2 x Flex adjustment bands
  • 1 x Monohook
  • 4 x Steel hooks
Size Ankle Circumference
Child 120 - 170mm
Medium 150 - 200mm
Large 200 - 270mm
Xlarge 260mm and up
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