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Quick Overview

Effective relief of chronic knee pain.
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Warranty: 3 MONTHS

TGA Number: 138189

The TEN-7 is potentially the most comfortable knee brace yet. The thin breathable material is applied as a sleeve to the thigh. Two compression straps hold it in place and a third strap places pressure over the “actuator”, a bean shaped piece of plastic which sits on the lower, inside aspect of the thigh.


The Ten-7 applies high level compression around the muscles and other soft tissues in the thigh that are responsible for controlling and supporting the knee. EMG studies have shown that wearing the Ten-7 alters the firing patterns in the muscles of the legs, increasing the firing intensity of the glutes, while slightly decreasing the intensity in the quads and hamstrings. This results in relief of patella femoral pain and knee pain caused by Osteoarthritis.


Injuries Treated

• Anterior Knee Pain

• Knee Pain

Maltracking Patella

• Meniscus Tear

• Osteoarthritis

• Patella Tracking Disorders

• Patellofemoral Knee Pain

• Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis

SizeUpper Thigh Circ. (mm)Lower Thigh Circ. (mm)
XSMALL47.5 - 5336 - 39
SMALL53 - 5839 - 41.5
MEDIUM58 - 6341.5 - 45
LARGE63 - 6845 - 49
XLARGE68 - 7349 - 52.5
XXLARGE73 - 7852.5 - 56.5

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