Experience unparalleled recovery with Therafirm TheraSport Compression Leg Sleeves – delivering controlled 15-20 mmHg compression for superior circulation, support, and stabilization. Crafted with super-soft material, a non-binding 1" comfort band, and high-tech moisture-wicking yarns, these calf sleeves provide exceptional comfort. The footless design allows you to wear them with socks of your choice, making them an ideal choice for preventing swelling, discomfort, and aiding recovery during athletic pursuits.
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Introducing Therafirm TheraSport Compression Leg Sleeves – your key to optimal recovery with controlled 15-20 mmHg compression. Crafted for exceptional comfort and performance, these athletic recovery sleeves provide targeted support and stabilization for your legs.

Key Features:

  • Gradient Compression: Experience improved circulation, support, and stabilization with graduated compression, greatest at the ankle and gradually decreasing as it ascends the leg.
  • Exceptional Comfort: Enjoy unmatched comfort with super-soft material that enhances your recovery experience.
  • 1" Comfort Band: Benefit from a non-binding grip that stays securely in place, ensuring uninterrupted wear during recovery.
  • Cool and Comfortable: High-tech moisture-wicking yarns keep you cool and comfortable, efficiently managing moisture during intense activities.
  • Footless Design: Wear these calf sleeves with the socks of your choice, providing versatility and convenience for your recovery routine.
  • Moderate Compression (15-20 mmHg): Ideal for improving blood flow from the ankle to the heart, preventing swelling, discomfort, and aiding in recovery from muscle fatigue.


  • Brand: Therafirm | Compression: 15-20 mmHg | Style: Calf Sleeves | Series: TheraSport | Fabric Content: Coolmax, Nylon, and Lycra

Therafirm TheraSport Compression Leg Sleeves redefine recovery with advanced features and exceptional comfort, providing the support you need for a swift and effective recovery process. Elevate your athletic recovery with TheraSport – where comfort meets performance.

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