Therafirm Corespun Support Sock

Help relieve minor ankle or leg swelling, minor varicosities and leg fatigue. Therafirm Corespun support socks provide 15-20mmhg compression.
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Soft, comfortable everyday socks for men and women with the benefit of true gradient compression. Core-Spun, moisture wicking yarns make the product ultra-stretchy, and easy to don. True gradient promotes better circulation and helps prevent swelling and leg fatigue.



People who have or are experiencing any of the following conditions can benefit from wearing gradient compression products: tired, aching, fatigued legs, swollen feet, ankles and legs, stand or sit for long periods, expectant mothers, and those who are overweight.


Travelers can definitely benefit from gradient compression socks and hosiery. Sitting for long periods of time can reduce blood flow to the legs and feet, thereby creating discomfort. This can cause minor leg problems like tired legs, leg cramps and swelling.


Core-Spun 15–20mmHg Coolmax/polyester/nylon/spandex gradient compression support socks for men and women are designed to help prevent edema, leg discomfort, and deep vein thrombosis for long distance travelers.


Size Ankle Circumference Calf Circumference Length
Small 17–22cm 28–42cm Greater than 41cm
Medium 21–26cm 31–45cm Greater than 41cm
Large 23–29cm 33–49cm Greater than 41cm
X-Large 28–38cm 43–58cm Greater than 41cm
XX-Large 33–43cm 47–65cm Greater than 41cm
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