Low profile brace designed to immobilise the thumb and allows for mobility of the wrist.
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The Pollex Pro Thumb Brace immobilises the base and saddle joints of the thumb perfectly. A rigid shell reinforcement between the thumb and the index finger keeps the thumb joint relatively immobile. Four Velcro fasteners allows the brace to be highly adjustable and the flexible design means it will always fit comfortably around swelling and bony anatomy. The skin-friendly material offers a high level of comfort thanks to the pleasantly soft material under the shell.


  • Immobilisation of the thumb
  • Ligament injuries on the thumb
  • post-traumatic, pre-/post-operative
  • Degenerative irritation
  • Rhizarthrosis without an indication for surgery

The Pollex Pro Thumb Brace can be worn under the OPTIVOhand Wrist Brace to immobilise the wrist and thumb for scaphoid fracture management or rhizarthrosis.

For sizing, measure hand circumference, without the thumb, above the thumb joint.

How to Measure

Measure your hand circumference without the thumb, above the thumb joint

Size Hand Circumference
S/M Up to 19.5cm
L Over 19.5cm