Physipod Invisible Forefoot Cushion

Relieves pain and burning in the forefoot. Adheres to the shoe however is interchangeable.
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The PhysiFeet Invisible Forefoot Cushion is designed to relieve pain and burning in the forefoot, under the metatarsal heads, (or the ball of the foot). A non slip textured surface prevents friction and shearing. The cushion is slim enough to fit into all of your shoes comfortably, even your slimmer fitting fashion shoes. It adheres to your shoe, sticky side down, and stays in place all day to support and cushion the forefoot. It is especially useful when wearing high heels which tend to emphasise more weight through the forefoot.

Easily interchangeable between shoes. If the stickiness reduces, simply wash the pad under warm water, leave it to air dry inside the house and the stickiness returns.

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