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A simple brace to protect the thumb from unwanted movement.
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The BioSkin Thumb Spica is a slim, low-profile brace designed to immobilise the thumb while still allowing full use of the other fingers. It is constructed from BioSkin's hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft material so it can be comfortably worn for hours at a time. A rigid, yet customizable, aluminium stay runs along the thumb to provide support and immobilisation. The brace then wraps around the wrist, providing compression to reduce pain and enhance recovery. It can be worn on either your left or right hand and comes in two different sizes.

The BioSkin Thumb Spica is designed to provide protection to the thumb joint. The brace controls the motion of the CMC and MP joints to prevent further injury. Recover from arthritis, bursitis, De Quervain's, Gamekeeper's Thumb, and sprains and strains.

The brace wraps around the base of your hand for extra compression on your wrist, alleviating pain and enhancing recovery. The extra compression also improves proprioception. Increased proprioceptive feedback to the brain improves coordination of the joint's movement, further preventing potential injury.

Measure the length of the thumb for sizing.

Application Instructions

How to measure

Measure full length of thumb from base of hand

Size Thumb (cm)
X Small - Medium 8 - 11
Large - XX Large 11 - 14
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Designed to ease the pain from wrist and thumb injuries with comfort and stability.