Bioskin Dp2 Wrist Brace

Manufacturer: Bioskin
Constructed with the best materials to create the most comfortable and functional wrist brace around. 6.5 inches long for coverage and support.
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The BioSkin DP2 Wrist Brace is designed to be the most comfortable and functional wrist brace around. It features a thin layer of moisture-wicking microfleece around the skin and across the sensitive area between your thumb and fingers to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. The lightweight, supportive stays on the top and bottom of the wrist are removable and can be reshaped for a customisable fit. There are straps instead of laces so the brace can easily be put on with one hand. The low-profile and functional design of the BioSkin DP2 Wrist Brace allows for full use of your fingers while limiting motion of your wrist. The BioSkin DP2 Wrist Brace is 6.5 inches long.

Use the BioSkin DP2 Wrist Brace to recover from many common wrist injuries such as carpal tunnel, arthritis, bursitis, and sprains. The brace is designed to comfortably immobilise the wrist and provide pain-relieving compression to the surrounding area. Immobilising the wrist joint helps ease the pain and speed recovery from repetitive use injuries and prolonged inflammation. The compression provided by the BioSkin DP2 Wrist Brace increases blood flow to the area to further speed along the recovery process.

The BioSkin DP2 Wrist Brace can also be used to prevent wrist injuries. Use the brace to protect your wrist from being injured during a fall while participating in a risky activity. Or wear the BioSkin DP2 Wrist Brace throughout the night to reduce inflammation and prevent repetitive use injuries from worsening.

Measure the circumference of the wrist for sizing.

Application Instructions

Size Wrist (cm)
X Small - Small 10 - 15
Medium - Large 15 - 20
X Large - XX Large 20 - 15
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