Bioskin AFTR Pull-On

The AFTR Pull-On is a simple, supportive brace to treat many foot and ankle injuries.
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The AFTR is designed to stabilise the hindfoot and ankle to speed the recovery process. Additional swelling control is provided by gel pads behind each of the ankle bones. An additional stirrup strap comes with the brace for joint stabilisation during the recovery process.

The AFTR Pull-On provides support and compression for pain relief and stabilisation for post-op and non-operative treatment of many foot and ankle pathologies with the added benefit of its dorsal closure design for easy application. The brace includes medial and lateral plastic stays as well as figure-8 stirrup straps to limit movement in the ankle and hindfoot. Made from the BioSkin material, it contours to the foot’s anatomy during normal volume changes following injuries and surgery. The sleeve and stirrup strap control hindfoot and limit inversion and eversion helping recovery from surgery, sprains, or ankle osteoarthritis pain.  

The materials are noticeably comfortable with the added benefit of being hypoallergenic, breathable, and thin that can be trimmed for a customised fit and is slim enough to fit into most shoes.

The AFTR with Gel is an excellent choice for treatment immediately after an ankle sprain. The medical-grade compression and gel pads around the ankle will reduce edema and pain to facilitate a quicker return to activity. The stirrup straps provide stability to protect the ankle during the early return to mobility. Inside the AFTR brace is two j-shaped gel pads, which fit behind the ankle bones to help remove excess swelling and relieve pain.


Indications for use of BioSkin AFTR Pull-On

»  Ankle Sprains
»  Post-Surgery
»  Swelling Control
»  Ankle Osteoarthritis Pain

Features and benefits of BioSkin AFTR Pull-On

»  Reduces swelling and stabilises joint after injury
»  Non-elastic stirrup control hindfoot and limit inversion and eversion
»  Trimmable for a custom fit
»  Medical-grade compression to help speed recovery
»  Figure 8 compression strap and gel pads options 
»  Pull tab for easy application
»  Universal design, fits the left or right foot
»  Latex free material

Measure circumference from heel to top of the foot - back to heel

Size CM IN
Extra Small - Small 28 - 33cm 11 -13
Medium - Large 32 - 36cm 12.5 - 14
Extra Large - XX Large 35 - 38cm 13.5 - 15

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