Experience relief with Ease by Therafirm Lymphoedema Gloves – expertly designed with true gradient compression at 20-30 mmHg. These gloves manage lymphedema, alleviating swelling and discomfort in the finger and hand area.
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Introducing Ease by Therafirm Lymphoedema Gloves – a transformative solution designed with true gradient compression at 20-30 mmHg to manage lymphedema and alleviate swelling and discomfort in the finger and hand area. Crafted with precision, these gloves provide superior comfort and relief throughout the day.

Key Features:

  • True Gradient Compression: Lab-tested compression gradually decreases toward the wrist, promoting optimal blood flow and aiding in lymphedema management.
  • Ultra-Stretchy Yarns: Designed for ease of wear, the ultra-stretchy yarns ensure these gloves are both easy to put on and comfortable throughout extended wear.
  • Seamless Engineering: Enjoy the benefits of seamless engineering for compressive fingers that enhance comfort and provide effective support.
  • Non-Restrictive Wrist: A soft, comfortable, and non-restrictive wrist design ensures a snug yet comfortable fit for uninterrupted wear.
  • Moisture-Wicking CoolMax Fibers: Experience dry and cool comfort with CoolMax fibers that wick moisture away, keeping your hands comfortable in all conditions.
  • Super Soft, Breathable Opaque Material: Crafted from a super soft and breathable opaque material, these gloves offer comfort without sacrificing effectiveness.
  • Brand: Therafirm | Series: Ease Lymphedema | Compression: 20-30 mmHg | Style: Gloves | Fabric Content: CoolMax, Nylon, and Lycra

Ease by Therafirm Lymphoedema Gloves is your go-to solution for managing lymphedema with unparalleled comfort and therapeutic compression. Elevate your hand care with a glove designed for your well-being.

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