Manufacturer: Bioskin
Firm compression & light support. A simple knee compression sleeve for comfortable support and pain relief.
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The BioSkin Standard Knee Skin is a great option for mild knee pain. The sleeve is constructed from a breathable, thin, and strong material to provide comfort and medical-grade compression to the knee joint. BioSkin's material has a unique Skin Lok feature that activates with sweat or moisture so it stays in place, even during vigorous activity.

Medical-grade compression applied to the knee with the BioSkin Standard Knee Skin can enhance recovery from a number of injuries, including swelling, general pain, mild sprains and osteoarthritis. The increased circulation from the compression allows more nutrient-rich blood to flow through the site, speeding recovery and also preventing overworked muscles, the most common cause of injury.

Compression also increases proprioception, or the positive sensorimotor feedback sent to your brain. This feedback improves your confidence and coordination during movement, so your knee works more efficiently and further prevents injury.

Measure the circumference of the knee for sizing.

Application Instructions

How To Measure

Measure the circumference of the knee fully extended

Size Mid Patella (cm) 18 cm Above Mid Patella
X Small 31 - 33 41 - 46
Small 33 - 36 46 - 51
Medium 36 - 41 51 - 56
Large 41 - 43 56 - 64
X Large 43 - 46 64 - 71
XX Large 46 - 54 71 - 81