Bioskin Q Brace

Manufacturer: Bioskin
The BioSkin Q Brace is designed to reduce the pain of mild to moderate patellofemoral problems. The T-belt of the Q Brace exerts a gentle, lateral pressure on the patella to prevent subluxation (dislocation) and to keep the patella in the correct position.
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The unique design of the Q Brace enables multidirectional traction of the patella. The "T" band prevents dislocation and can be fixed in different positions to control the direction of pull on the patella. The design of the braces ensures that the pulling force increases as the knee goes through a range of motion. Like BioSkin's other knee products, the Q Brace is made from BioSkin's patented, thin, breathable materials, making it comfortable to wear even in hot climates.

How To Measure

Measure the circumference of the knee fully extended

Size Mid Patella (cm) 18 cm Above Mid Patella
X Small 31 - 33 41 - 46
Small 33 - 36 46 - 51
Medium 36 - 41 51 - 56
Large 41 - 43 56 - 64
X Large 43 - 46 64 - 71
XX Large 46 - 54 71 - 81