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Complete immobilisation for foot and ankle, 2 liners and Pump inc.
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Warranty: 3 Months

TGA Number: 0

Complete treatment for foot and ankle. Includes spare liner, 15 degree wedge sole and hand pump.


Cast-like stability and superior offloading

VACOcast Diabetic Boots are engineered specifically for diabetics who need the best removable alternative to a Total Contact Cast. The Vacuum Relief  insert quickly molds to the foot, with maximum surface contact and no pressure points. Better than a Total Contact Cast because VACOcast Diabetic Fit can be removed and re-applied in less than 3-minutes with no cleanup.


Why VACOcast Diabetic?

All VACOcast Diabetic boots have 40g more micro beads to provide a  comprehensive fit after excision or partial amputation. More beads means far less shifting of pressure points, to reduce shear forces; the air gets sucked out of the Vacuum Relief Insert, so the beads will stay in place to stabilize the entire foot. Learn more about how vacuum works here.


The modern cast alternative

Traditional serial casting can often be archaic and costly. VACOcast’s patented Vacuum Relief with micro beads, in conjunction with a rigid lattice frame, provides strength and stability that’s as durable as a conventional cast—yet can be removed and re-applied in less than 30-seconds. An optional Safety Seal restricts patients from opening the VACOcast to ensure compliance.



  • Diabetic Foot Syndrome
  • Ulcerations on the foot
  • Post-operative care after toe and forefoot amputations
  • Diabetic neuroosteoarthropathy
  • DNOAP and charcot foot
SizeMens (US)Womens (US)EuroUKLength of Foot (CM)Forefoot width (CM)Ankle Circ (CM)Calf Circ (CM)
Small3.5 - 7.54.5 - 8.535 - 402.5 - 6.522 - 25cm10cm14-29cm23-39cm
Medium7.5 - 11.58.5 - 12.540 - 456.5 - 10.525.1 - 28cm12cm22-40cm35-51cm
Large11.5 - 1512.5 - 1645 - 5010.5 - 1428.1 - 31cm13cm30-45cm40-58cm
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