Manufacturer: Bioskin
Provides compression above & below the joint. Includes a silicone pad & extra strap for additional, targeted pain relief from injuries like Tennis Elbow.
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The BioSkin Tennis Elbow skin is designed to relieve pain and help you recover faster from many injuries, especially lateral and medial epicondylitis (Tennis and Golfer's Elbow). The sleeve includes a silicone pad and extra elastic strap that can be positioned where you feel the greatest pain relief. Fasten the elastic strap for additional compression to the sore area. The compression above and below the joint helps reduce inflammation and increase circulation, allowing the tissue time to heal and enhance recovery.

The BioSkin Tennis Elbow Skin is constructed from BioSkin’s most breathable and compressive material for comfort and effectiveness. The material is light and breathable so it stays cool, dry, and comfortable all day long.

Measure the circumference of the largest part of the forearm for sizing.

Application Instructions